Historic Scavenger Hunt

The Halifax Area 225th Anniversary Celebration
The Halifax Area Historical Scavenger Hunt: A Photographic Exploration

Time travel to the past…by going on an exploration through decades of Halifax Area history.
We will provide a list of clues related to the sites in and around Halifax for you to put your knowledge to the test as you search for the answers.
Participation will include a mixture of walking and driving in order to cover the Halifax Area.

You will not have to enter any of the locations.
Participants may work individually or with a partner.
There are no age restrictions for the contest.

Get at least eight of the locations photographed and send them to halifaxarea225@gmail.com in order to be entered into a drawing for a prize. The entry period for the photographic scavenger hunt contest will close on August 16th, 2019.

Winners will be randomly selected from all received entries. A $25 prize will be awarded to one solo competitor and $50 will go to one team. The Scavenger Hunt Committee will announce the winners on August 17th at the Fireworks Carnival. The winners will also receive a phone call notification. Additionally, the winner and other selected entries will have their photographs published on the events website and Facebook page, with full credit being given to the entrant.
We do ask that all participants be respectful of the historic sites and locations; as well as be mindful of private property.

For additional information, please contact: Shannon at 717-877-7886 or at shannonjonesauthor@gmail.com.
• Disclaimer: All locations featured in the clues can be photographed from either public areas or on private property open to the public during specific times of operation. The Halifax Area 225th Anniversary Committee assumes no responsibility for those who break the rules and trespass on private property.
• Disclaimer: Participants in the Halifax Area Historical Scavenger Hunt undertake all activities at their own risk. By participating, participants agree to release the sponsors, programmers, volunteers, and the 225th Anniversary Committee from any and all liability, loss, or damages arising from or in connection to the traveling, visitation of, and photography of the scavenger hunt sites.
• Disclaimer: By participating in the contest, the entrant grants a non-exclusive, irrevocable, right to share all submitted photographs without limitation.

The Halifax Area Historical Scavenger Hunt: A Photographic Exploration Clues

Take pictures of 8 of clues in order to be entered into a prize drawing

  1. This location was a strategic site on the Pennsylvania frontier.
  2. This stone marker notes the location of a historic and uniquely shaped local church. The church itself is no longer standing.
  3. Released in the fall of 1913, the western drama “At the Sign of the Lost Angel,” was shown here.
  4. Formerly, Charles C. Baker’s Funeral Home and Furniture Store.
  5. A historic homestead dating back to 1769, the property bears the name of the original owner.
  6. Recently remodeled, this 1970s era building is home to an organization that was founded in the early 20th century, just after an incident that occurred in Mr. Meckley’s barn.
  7. Once the home of an American Revolution veteran, this site now serves as a local restaurant.
  8. Take a photograph overlooking the Susquehanna River and the local area from a bridge that is not over water.
  9. It was robbed on March 14, 1901.
  10. The largest Eastern Cottonwood east of the Mississippi.
  11. You can find artifacts from the old Odd Fellows building here.
  12. Often noted as a hidden gem in the Halifax Area, this site on the way out of Powell’s Valley is noted for its history and its steaks.
  13. Formed by a Lutheran and Reformed Congregation in 1824, it is sometimes referred to as Bowerman’s Church for the family who donated part of the land.
  14. Please e-mail all pictures to halifaxarea225@gmail.com
  15. Include your name(s), whether it is a single or partner entry, and your phone number or email so that we may notify you if you win.

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